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Sunday, June 3, 2012


are tomorrow!! And I'm leaving!!! eeeek!!

Well Hey Everyone! How is everyone doing this week? Super good I hope. This week was good. I just finished up my last week in Puerta De Hierro. It has been so much fun here and I love this area with all my heart but I am a little ready to move on. I feel super comfortable in this area which is good, but in the mission it's kinda bad. So, it really is time to move on. As for other news, I am going to be training again. But because I'm leaving my area, I think I am only going to finish the training of another missionary who is being trained right now (because training last 2 changes). So he won't be my son but he will be my step son. A second companion is step father. So I will be his step father. Elder Loayza, he's getting a son too! A pure niño. haha. He's excited but really nervous, with reason because President Brough said he is most likely getting a gringo. So, he's a tad nervous for that. But it'll be great.

This week we have looked really hard for a house for Jose and Mery. We have found a few but nothing super positive. But the power of faith can move mountains so anything is possible. We just need to trust in God and in the Atonement of his son Jesus Christ and they will be blessed. Please continue to pray for them!

The Familia Estrada came to church this week again! They loved it and I love them. They really are one of my favorite families in the world. They are so humble and caring and the niño is the light of the family. I am super going to miss them! Elder Loayza is going to work really hard with them to get them baptized soon.

Elder Loayza completed 6 months this past week so we ordered pizza! The pizza was great.  Photos attached.

Well sorry this letter is short and kinda boring but really nothing has happened super eventful. Oh! A volcano (Volcán Pacaya) exploded this week! But I live really far away and it really didn't do anything. So that super eventful story was just rendered useless.

Well I love you all very much and I'm excited to write to you from my new area. I love you and can't wait to see you in a year!!!! Keep awesome!

Elder Yates

My favorite picture


Celebrating Ryan and Mom's Birthdays

Last day at beach with Elder Horrocks

Last day at beach

Last day at beach with Elder Loayza

Familia Estrada nino

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  1. I'm so excited to see this post! My son is the "son" Elder Loayza is getting. He loves the mission and he is committed with all his heart to share the gospel. Thank you for your post! God bless you Elder.