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Saturday, June 9, 2012

ok I know what you're all thinking...

Where in the world is Elder Yates? (sang to the carmen san diego music). the answer: A mountain!!! :)

Thats right ya'll. I'm on a mountain. My area is in the capital. Technically, it's in Villa Hermosa and it's called Santa Elena Barrillas. But its a weird part of the capital that is situated on a mountain. So, it's weird, there is like a random mountain in the middle of the city that takes about 30 minutes to climb. So, although it is IN the capital. It's not. ha. make sense? yeah me neither. haha

Well my new companion is Elder Streeter. He is from Tucson, Arizona. He has one change in the mission. So his Spanish is still coming along. But I am helping him. Many times during a lesson or a contact I have to translate for him what the other people said. But it is fun and we are getting along great. Just working hard and I am trying to learn the area.

So Elder Loayza received a brand spankin new missionary from Utah that doesn't know Spanish at all. What a great learning experience for him. And the poor missionary from Utah I'm sure is dying of heat stroke in the Puerta De Hierro. pobrecito. But the heat is great. I kinda miss it actually......

So we are going to have baptisms this next week! Its a family named the Familia Hernandez. They are an older couple that have been going to church and are ready to get baptized this next Saturday. They are so excited and I am too. They are a wonderful familia and I already love them even though I have only known them a short time. We are also working with a lot of other people so I'll keep ya all updated on them the more I interact and learn about them.

Just know that everything is great and I love the area. Its a lot chillier then Escuintla but its great and it actually rains here! What a difference. Well. I love each and everyone of you very much and I cant wait to see you in a year. Keep working hard and doing great. I love you all and will see you sooooooooooooon!!! The church is true!

Elder Yates

Elder Porter's last day

Elder Yates in his new area

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