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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meetings meetings meetings‏

TO MANY MEETINGS!! Good thing they are awesome meetings hahaha!!!

So I have had 3 meetings this past week. First of all, the suprise meeting on Tuesday. My whole district had to go the capital for a meeting that was located in the South Mission. It was difficult to get there but we managed great. Turns out, the meeting was for a member of the presidency of the seventy. It was Elder Maynes. He was great! He talked to us all day and I learned a ton of stuff that will help me in my mission. What was also cool, was that ALL the missionaries from the Capital were invited. So we were there, North Mission and South Mission. I got to see Elder Johansen and a couple others from my CCM district. I also got ot see Porter!! Or I guess, Elder Urmston. :) It was awesome to talk to him and see how it was going in his mission. (pictures attached)

The other meeting was about the goals that we arre going to be setting for the mission these next few months and I am really excited about the goals that we are going to be completing. First, this month our goal is 130 baptisms, July is 204 baptisms, August is 110  and September............. 300!!!! We are going to baptise 300 people in September! How awesome! I'm so excited. So it will require a ton of work from our part but I know that your prayers also will help a lot too.

We met a woman this last week that is so positive! Her name is Marta and I contacted her on the street. It came out that she has already read the Book of Mormon and she has all the pamphlets that we hand out with the questions filled out in the back. She has had many problems in the past with smoking and drinking and it got worse when her husband left her. But she has a great desire to change and go to church. She is a little weird but who isn't nowadays right :) and it takes one to know one right? ;)

Also this past week, we bought a water heater!! I hadn't showered with warm water since before I went to the coast! The water here was FREEZING, like arctic freezing and so we finally found and bought a water heater and it's marvelous. It was one of the most exciting things that happened this week :) haha.

So this past week, I have learned a ton. Now its just time to put everything in practice. I love being a missionary and I am loving it more everyday. Thank you all for your support and love and prayers. Keep em coming please. I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you in just under a year. Don't blink because it might be over :) love you and talk to you sooooooooooon!!
Elder Yates
Elder Johansen and Elder Yates

Elder Maxfield and Elder Yates

Elder Urmstom and Elder Yates

Familia Hernandez

Elder Yates and Elder Steeter

Elder Yates and puppy

My District

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