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Sunday, June 17, 2012

the countdown starts!

Less than a year left!

I can't believe how fast time is going! How crazy! I passed the ''hump'' haha. It's going to go so fast. Just keep holding on and doing good and I'll be home before ya know it.
This week we had the baptism of Familia Hernandez! Hermano Jose Luis and his wife Victoria. They are so great. For serious. They were SOOO excited to get baptized. It was a little difficult because the chapel in my area doesn't have a baptismal font so we had to travel to Villa Canales and do it which is like a 45 minute bus ride down the mountain. We couldn't get ahold of any keys because it's not our chapel and a whole bunch of chaos but finally we got in. AND THEY GOT BAPTIZED! It's incredible, I've only known them for about 2 weeks but I feel like I've known them my whole life. They must feel the same way too because Hermano Jose chose me to baptize him! I was very honored. They are a fantastic family who is already preparing to go to the temple. How awesome they are.

So this week we are just trying to get the hang of things as a companionship. It's difficult because only Elder Streeter knows the area but he only has 6 weeks of being there so he has no experience in being the leader of the area. So he is learning that and I am trying to help him but I can't because I don't know where anybody lives yet. But we are getting there. After many trials come the blessings. I have faith that the blessings are just on the other side of this trial. But trials are good. They build character and like my mom always says, things that build character put hair on your chest. ;)

Sorry that I don't have any pictures. I am getting so forgetful right now and I totally forgot my cable to the computer. But next week. I promise. :)
The area is really cool. It is pretty cold so Iv'e been wearing my sweater more and more. so classy ;) It's so different than the coast. It rains so hard here! Actually the other day it thundered so loud that is made me jump and squeal like a little girl. I promise. I don't think my comp is going to let me forget that ahaha.

Well,  that's about it from this end of things. We have a suprise meeting today in the cap. They haven't told us more than that so I'll let you know whats going on next week! I love you all so much and I hope you are all doing fantastic! Keep praying and bearing your testimony when you can. It'll strengthen it I promise. I love you. I love the church. I love Guatemala.

Elder Yates

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