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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another change gone byyyyyyyyyyyyyy‏

They seem to be going faster and faster.

CHANGES ARE TOMORROW! I am staying in my area. But my poor comp is leaving. He really doesn't want to leave beacuse it is his first area and you all remember how I was when I had to leave Ciudad Real. Yeah. He's the same way. But, God has other things in store for him. So, he is off to bigger and better things. I will be staying here and be receiving a new comp. any guesses as to if it is a latino or a gringo? solo Dios sabe. We'll have to see. I'm fine with whichever.
SO this past week was good. Yesterday we went down to Villa Canales and had a little churasco, or a bbq. :) We played soccer and ate some steak that the cocinera of the elderes in Villa Canales made, it was so goooooooooodd!!! :) What a fun day.

So we also, had another lesson with hermana Marta. She is doing great. She wants to change so bad! She has already given up alcohol and she gave us her cigarettes on Saturday. We  asked if she wanted a blessing and she said yes. We gave her a blessing and then on Sunday when she came to church she said that she somtimes has the urge to smoke and then she thinks of Jesus Christ or the church or the Book of Mormon and the urge goes away. :D How awesome is that right? We asked her about the Book of Mormon and she told us, '' it is SOOO true! '' We have her fecha set for the 22nd of this month.
We also began working in some new parts of our area. Our area is ginormous and that makes it hard. But, the members are willing to drive to the ends of the earth to bring some of these people to church. so that is a great help. What isn't a big help is that many of the people from other demonitations think they know the Mormon religion better than us because they have been telling our investigators things that aren't true and then WE have to go back and clear everything up. It is such a pain in the neck, but nobody ever said that missionary work was easy. They just said it would be worth it. :)
I love being a missionary! I am seeing blessings everyday and they are great. Some people are just ready for the gospel are just falling into our laps. It's great, but it definitely isn't ALWAYS like this. The hard times are hard and the good times are great. Being a missionary has changed my view of everything and has definitely changed my life. It is the best decision I have ever made and I hope that EVERYONE thinking of going on a mission reads this and decides to go. IT will be the best experience ever. Promise.
Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents! 25 years of being together is nothing! Just a fourth of a century ;) They are even a cuter couple now than when they got married! (my opinion) so if you see them or talk to them, wish them Happy Anniversary!

Also, Happy Happy Birthday to Ally Jones! Love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
Stay safe everyone. And I will see you in just over 10 months. It's gong fast isn.t it? Don't blink! :)
Elder Yates

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