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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mi novena compañero. (My 9th comp)

Is Elder Sanchez! He is a Nica, which means he is from Nicaragua. And he only has a couple months in the mission!

So yep, my comp is Elder Sanchez. He seems great. He loves to joke around and work hard so we of course get a long great! :) This is his second area and he was in Escuintla before, so he is dying of cold here like I was haha. He has 6 months. SO YOUNG! haha
So this week a cool expereince happened. We have an investigator named Marta. She is a little old lady that has a hard time walking and she is very poor. But she has a very strong testimony and LOVES coming to church. We had her baptismal date for the 22nd of this month but she hasn't given up smoking yet so that is making it hard. She wants to, but she just has a hard time doing it. But anyway, on Wednesday, she got in a fight with her daughter. She left the house devasted and sad and angry and just wanting to leave and never come back. She was slowly making her way down the street and saw a bus coming and had the thought ''if I step in front of the bus right now, I can end everything.'' but (according to her) a little voice told her no, don't do it. She just watch the bus pass until it came to a stop. In her own words, she saw 2 angels get off the bus and walk away. Little did she know, WE were on that bus coming back from change meeting. WE had actually reached our stop and began getting off before, were we usually did, but a member on the bus told us to stay on because we were going to pass closer to our house. So we stayed on the bus and got off at the NEXT stop and that is when Hermana Marta saw us, but we didn't see her. After, she decided to go sit in front of the church and we ended up passing her on the way to go eat lunch. We talked to her then and that is when she told us that experience. We were kind of in shock at the story and were so grateful for first, listening to the member and getting off at the second stop, and second, for the Holy Ghost telling her to not step in front of the bus. It's an amazing thing. We told her that were going to pass by later that day and when we went by, she told us that after talking in front of the church she went back to the house and laid down and clearly heard a voice ''keep going, keep going, don't faint, keep going.'' God really worked with her that day and she felt SO much better after those experiences. She came to church on Sunday and was as happy as a pig in mud. I love small miracles!
So right now, we are just working hard. Not too much has happened. We are just working hard and doing what missionaries do. We actually received a reference from temple square this last week and contacted a really positive guy that had visited Utah. I'll let you know how that goes. OH! and Elder streeter got sent to Sololá, that lucky boy. Those are the straight mountains. I want to go so badddddddd!!!! Maybe next change? :) My hopes are high. I am loving Guatemala and loving the mission. Everything is hunkey dorey. :) I love everyone and Bronwen, thank you for the package! I loved the gum;) hahaha. Take care, listen to the spirit and laugh everyday! :)
Elder Yates
Elder Streeter's Birthday

Elder Yates eating a gummie anaconda

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Pretty Picture

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