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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another day, another thunderstorm.

They are coming like crazy right now! I promise.

So yes. Other than that, things are going great. There was a thunderstorm last night and the lightning was literally above our heads. I may have screamed like a little girl (again). Ha! But experiences right? ahaha.
So this week has been great. Unlike the week before, we didn't have 3873518451 meetings so the week was pretty normal. It was nice and tranquila. We have a new investigator named Marta. She is a little old lady and frail one at that. But she is a ball of energy and has read the Book of Mormon and pretty much had a testimony when we met her. I just contacted her in the street and she went off talking about Joseph Smith and Moroni. She is great and she even came to church last week and LOVED it. She has a hard time walking so we picked her up in one of the members cars and she just felt the spirit so strong. It was great.
Also, we went to visit her one day and her neighbor saw us arrive at her house and asked if could also pass by hers. Her neighbor is Trinidad Jesus de Paz. Cool name huh? haha. But she had the missionaries over a lot a long time ago but then moved and they stopped coming. Then about 6 months ago, her husband passed away and when she saw us passing by Hermana Marta's house, she asked us to pass by hers too. She also came to church! She came with her 17 year old son. Her son is great and is a great testimony to me because he is deaf and can't hear the discussions but he is always in the room when we teach and has the desire to go to church. They are awesome and are hoping they get baptized in July.
I also had the opportunity to go on divisions this last with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Morgan from Sacramento while Elder Hansen from Utah came to my area with Elder Streeter. It was great. Elder Morgan goes home at the end of this change so it was cool to work with him and learn from him before he goes. They are both great missionaries.
Next week we are going to Antigua! Hooray! It is going to be so much fun and will be Elder Streeters first time! He is going to love it. I'm excited to go and I'll be sure to take muchas fotos. :)
Things with Elder Streeter are going good too. It is great to talk to him in English but he really needs to work on his Spanish so I speak to him mostly in Spanish. (or at least I try too, sometimes I forget). His Spanish is coming along great and he is learning really fast. It is soooo different being with a gringo again. I like it but it's weird. Let's see who my new comp will be when I get one......
Well that's about it from this side. I love you all sooo very much and miss you everyday. But not enough to come home. Not yet at least.  I love you all and pray for you everyday. Keep being safe and doing great things. I'm going to send a couple of you letters so be on the look out! Stay safe. Stay sweet. Stay classy. and Stay worthy.
Elder Mason Yates

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