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Sunday, September 23, 2012

and the world spins madly on...

a great song and a great phase. It's true. Time has no mercy.

So many of you might have heard that there was a volcano that exploded in Guatemala. Yes it is true. Its called Volcan De Fuego. I could see it, but we were unaffected by it. So no harm, no foul. The explosion though did take place in my mission. I haven't heard anything about the other missionaries if they had to evacuate or anything.

So everything is going great with Hermano Oldrich. We aren't sure if he has gotten his mission call yet because nobody has informed us. But it has been over a month that he sent in his papers so he thinks that its here, plus he had a dream that it came. So we'll have to see. He actually wasn't going to finish out the change with me but I convinced him to stay :) So he will be here until the 3 of October because that is when changes are.  After I will probably get a new comp and teach him the area and then I'm out. Crazy I have about 4 months here already. When I'm done, I'm going to have about 6 months though. haha. The same time that I had in the coast, but I'm happy.

So on to the good news. I think I've mentioned a few times the Familia Argueta. They were all baptized in February excpet for the dad because he had to have an interview with President Brough and then President Brough had to fill out a paper and send it in to the first presidency to see if he could get baptized. We have been waiting for forever for the answer for the first presidency and well, it came! They said YES! So we rushed over to them to tell them the good news and they were so excited, especially because entering the temple as a family is their goal. So we are planning the baptism for Jorge this coming Sunday. Pray for him that everything goes well!

A weird story. So this morning we get on the bus to come down to Villa Canales where we have our district meetings and we sit down and I ask my companion if he's ready to contact the bus. He said no. ''Why not?'' I asked him, and then he points to a lady a few rows in front of us. She was screaming and writhing in pain. Come to find out, she was giving birth......on the bus. Yeah. So the bus driver drove as quickly as humanly possible (and remember that in Guatemala, there are no speed limits) and we got to Villa Canales. She was just in the beginning of labor so she made it to the doctor in time. But hey. Stories for the Grandchildren right? It was almost as bad as the guy a few weeks back who had a seizure on top of me. I ended up holding him in his seat and holding him so he didn't hurt himself until he was done. When he finished, he was all better. The boy scout slogan: Be prepared! hahaha.
Well that's about it from Guatemala. I'm doing great. I'm happy. I'm healthy. And I have the gospel in my life. What else could a 20 year old boy ask for? haha. Pray, smile, and listen to the spirit, and as my mother says, don't forget to laugh everyday. I love you alllllllll!!!

Elder Yates
In front of Volcano De Pacaya

Doing service

Doing service

With some dogs

Eating breakfast

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