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Monday, September 3, 2012

Mi Hijo.....

Is a little Gringito!! Or a big gringito. Depending on how you look at it ahaha....

Hey ya'll! So my son is gringo! He is from Farmington, Utah. He is 19 and has NEVER studied Spanish in his life! But its great. He is learning a lot and I am learning even more. So, it's a great experience. Unfortunately, it's an experience that is going to have to cut itself short because Elder Pantle will be returning home this week to fix some stuff at home. But he will only be home for a short time and then he will be right back in the mission field. Please pray for him that he has the spirit to be with him and can come back quickly. Because I sure am going to miss him!

Anyway, I should be receiveing my new comp on Thursday. I think he is going to be a brother from the stake that is preparing to serve a mission. So with this hermano, we are going to work super hard so that we complete our goals for Septmeber! We are going to baptize like badgers! haha.

We are teaching a new family right now called the Familia Lopez Catalan. They are great. The mother is another religion but is always open to listen to us and the father doesn't go to any church. This past week, the father came to church and loved it and we are trying to get the mother to come this next week. They need to get married but they are both willing so that will be our next assignment. Please pray for them!!

I am really enjoying being a missionary right now. The people and the culture are amazing and I find myself waking up everyday wanting more. I have learned so much on my mission. The circumstances and baptisms don't make a missionary happy, they help, but it is ultimatley his attitude that makes him happy. I have learned that really, happiness IS a choice. We CAN choose to be happy. And I feel like I really am happy. At this point in my life, there isn't any other place I would rather be. It's incredible to experience this change, but it has been great. I love all of you soooooooo much. You are an inspiration to me and I super appreciate your support. I got dearelders from many of you so thank you! They make me super happy!

Also! I talked to Elder Loayza recently and he said that Luisa from Puerta de Hierro in Escuintla got baptised! cool huh? I'm glad the Lord led me to her so I could have her ready for the next elders that baptised her. The Lord always blesses his missionaries, and your prayers help! Keep them up! I love you all and I will see you soooooooooon!!!!

Elder Yates
Elder Yates and Elder Pantle

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