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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love is a battlefield‏

and so is the mission. haha. A Hermana in my district told me to write that. Pero ella tiene razon.....

Hey everyone! So everything is going good here. Hermano Oldrich and I are working hard and hopefully getting ready for some baptisms. Until the Lord has prepared them sufficiently to make convenants with him, we are just going to keep trucking along.
This Monday was PDAY!! and we had the opporunity to go to Zona 1 in the capital. It was so much fun and the best part was, we got to eat Wendys! Beloved frosties. I promise, they were delicious. and I took some sweet pictures which I have generously attached :) enjoy please

So I really feel like my letters are getting shorter and shorter. Maybe it's because I'm getting less interesting. haha.  The weeks are beginning to blur together and I can't even remeber the days anymore. It rains almost everyday and there is ALWAYS fog. I promise. The area is sweet but it always has its problems. We are trying to work hard and keep contacting. I have Hermano Oldrich contacting buses now. He is so great. haha. I love this kid. He is so humble and I learn so much from him. I pray that we can be together for the rest of the change. I am going to try and start living more exciting so my letters get better haha.

Oh and as for Familia Lopez Catalan, well the hermano was listening to the radio one day and the radio host began talking bad about mormons and spreding lies and whatnot and the poor man believed the radio host. We tried to clear up his doubts and everything but he in the end didn't want anything. We had to leave them as investigators. Satan works hard. But God works harder. For that reason, God put US in his way to help him. But he was to hard that he didn't hear nor feel the words of Christ that we were sharing with him.

But other than that, everything is going. Thank you Grandmother for the constant dearelders. Congrats to Travis for getting his mission call. Thanks to all my friends who still write me. You are the bestest friends a redheaded missionary could ask for. You're awesome and God loves you. Remember that you are important to him. I wrote the golden rule last week: treat others the way you want to be treated. But I am going to better that. Treat others the way GOD wants you to treat them. Follow the spirit and laugh everyday. Life is short, don't be to busy to enjoy it. I love you!

Elder Yates
Catholic Church

Guatemalan Palace

Elder Krantz and Elder Yates

Elder Yates and Elder McQueen

Hermano Oldrich and Elder Yates

Hermano Oldrich and Elder Yates

Super foggy morning

Getting our shoes shined

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