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Saturday, September 8, 2012

My little mini missionary‏

is Hermano Oldrich Diegez! And he's great!

So my new comp is great. He is from Villa Nueva so he is really close to his home. He has about a year and a half of being a member and he has such a strong testimony. I promise. I am learning more from him than he is from me! He is the only member in his family and he has such strong desires to serve the Lord. I love being his companion. He sent in his papers for a mission and now is only waiting for his calling to come. Anyday now!!
So this last week has been great. WE had the semana perfecta, or perfect week! Every companionship had to have 10 new investigators, 20 lessons, and at least 25 contacts a day. Even though I had a mid week change of comps, we still did it in Santa Elena! We had 24 lessons, 236 contacts in the week, and 23 new investigators. So it was a great week. I was really stressed about it with the whole change comps in the middle but the Lord certainly blessed me. We found a really great family this last week that seems great. I'll keep you updated on them.

As for Familia Lopez Catalan, the Hermano has come to church twice now and has really liked it. The mother is Evangelica and I think is really scared to change her religion. Even though she told us that she feels somehting different everytime we come over and teach them. But we have our hopes high and I am praying to make serious progress with them this week.
Thanks for all your support and prayers. I feel them blessing me and the area every day. Today in district meeting we studied 1 Nephi 17. Everyone should read it and meditate on Nephi's attitude. What a great example Nephi is. If I could be like him.....

I love you all so much and pray for you. Laugh everyday and treat everyone how you want to be treated. It's the golden rule you know :) Stay strong and be pioneers of the truth!
Elder Yates

Elder Pantle and Elder Yates
Elder Pantle and Elder Yates

Elder Yates looking at Lake lake Amatitlan

Elder Yates and Hermano Oldrich


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