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Saturday, September 29, 2012

a week of good news!

Hermano Oldrich got his mission call and Jorge got baptized!!

 Soo I know that everyone is dying to know where Hermano Oldrich is going on his mission. Well the secretaries of the mission called me on Tuesday and told me that it had come but that they had given it to the stake president of Villa Nueva. Then the stake president called us a little after and asked if he could open it. Oldrich gave him an excited YES! and he read us the letter. Hermano Oldrich is going to....................Monterray Mexico (west) mission!!!  He leaves on January 9, 2013. He is soooo excited I promise. and I'm excited for him too. He is going to love it. I just know it!

As for other news, Jorge got baptized! It has been such a great experience for him and his family. They are great. He actually wanted to wait a little bit longer but the truth is, he had an interview with President Brough on Saturday and they decided that Sunday would be the best. So Sunday was his baptism. He has been waiting about 8 months to get baptized and finally he could. It's such a blessing for him and for me, the news came at the perfect time. I was so happy for them, I called him and asked who he wanted to baptize him and he just says ''Yates!!" haha. So I had the awesome priveldge of baptizing another child of God.

Those were the biggest events of the week. The rain is slowly diminishing but when it does rain, it still rains HARD, like really hard. But, poco a poco its going away and the cold is coming, especially in the mountain where I am. haha. but really.

So this will be Hermano Oldrich's last week, then he will need to go home and prepare to go off to Mexico. Time is going to fly and he is going to be there in no time at all. He, I feel, has loved his experience here and we have ended up being really great friends. I am glad that my Heavenly Father has allowed us to be comps. I have treasured our time together and have learned a ton. Also, President Brough has already informed me that I will be training....again. haha. But, I'm excited. So next week is cambios (or changes) and I will be recieving a brand new missionary. I'm excited. It's goin to be fun.

Well I love each and every one of you. En guys are great. Anyway, I'm going to send pics now but know that I love you and miss you. Have a great week. Read the scriptures and follow the spirit, and as my mother also says, don't forget to laugh everyday. :)
Elder Yates
The computer is being silly and won't let me send pics. Sorry, you'll have to wait till next week :(


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