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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Adios abril!

Hey, hey, he, so I am learning a lot this week. It has been tough. The Lord is deciding to test me one last time before I go home and I am thankful for that trial. Marisol still doesn't feel that she should get baptized yet BUT we are still loving her and helping her and praying for her to get baptized as soon as possible. Keep praying for her too please! Your prayers mean alot. I promise :)
We have another little investigator that we are teaching. His name is Marcos. He is 9 and his mother is a less active member who is lazy more than anything. BUT Marcos is awesome and super pilas. He went to church this last weekend with a member family and wants to get baptized. So we are planning his baptism for the 19th of this month. He is REALLY smart and understands things really fast. So keep praying for him too please.
Lastly, we had an investigator named Ingrid that started coming to church with her father who is a recent convert and she was supposed to get baptized this weekend. BUT her sweet NOT member mother came and took her away from her father this week (because they are seperated) and doesn't want anything to do with the church. poop. BUT we are still praying for her.

I want on divisions this last week with and elder named Elder Vallejos from Coasta Rica and we went to his area and I started contacting a man and this is what went down:

me - ''Hey! How are you?''
the man - ''you guys are Mormons right?''
me - ''thats what they call us! haha''
the man - ''well I don't believe in the Mormons.''
me - ''well thats ok because our message is about Christ. Do you believe in Him?''
the man - ''I don't believe in Christ either.''
me - ''what?! that's so sad. well this message is definetely for you because Christ loves you and we want to teach you why He is important.''
the man - ''no thank you.''
me (after a couple of trys) ''well you're always invited to church''
the man - '' I own your church.''
me - ''huh?''
the man - ''yep. I am the Elders Quorum President of the Cerro Grande Ward.''
me - ''.........''
Soooo turns out my divos comp told the guy to play a trick on me. haha. He really WAS the Elders Quorum President and jokes on me. haha. But it was pretty funny afterward when I realized it was all a joke. I felt silly but I was just more relieved that it wasn't real. haha. I started looking for Ashton Kutcher becasue I got Punk'd!
Well that was my week. I am learning more about being humble and accepting Gods will over mine. It isn't easy at all but its worth it in the long run. Thanks for everything. Keep saying your prayers and reading your scriptures. I appreciate every single one of you. If you have time, write me and tell me somehting spiritual that is going on in your life. oh! and don't forget to laugh everyday :)

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