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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well, I had twins‏

and I'm pretty sure they are faternal twins. :) hahah

 Well I hope you enjoy the pictures. My comapnions are Elder Smith from Utah and Elder Coyoy from Xela (here in Guatemala) so things are going great. It's weird having two children, especially when one can't speak the English and the other can't speak Spanish. Language barrier and I'm the beloved translator, but it's great. It's going to be such a fun last change.
Elder Coyoy is from here, and he is waiting for his visa to go to Argentina but the visas from Argentina are so common so he may be here for a while. :)
Today was a special day. We got word from President Brough on Sunday that he had invited our district to go to his house and have district meeting there! It was lots of fun. We just got back. His wife even cooked for us. It was really fun and I enjoyed it lots and lots. Their house is so beautiful haha. I promise. anyway. So that was a fun experience.

Everything is going good here, just enjoying my last couple of weeks as a missionary. It is great. I am now the oldest fart in the mission. There is NO missionary older than me (except Elder Israelsen because he entered the MTC about 45 minutes before I did :P) so that is weird, but its good. It's a well deserved title I feel. I have worked hard to be the oldest missionary in the mission. It's been great.
On Friday we had a meeting for the newbies and I showed up with my twins (I'm thinking of buying a two seater stroller and just putting them in there haha) and President Brough asked me how many times I had trained. I slowly stood up and cleared my throat and softly said ''seven times President.'' and thats when the jaws dropped haha. So it was made known to everyone that I am the missionary who has trained the most out of any other missionary in the Guatemala City Central Mission. Soooo that's kind of cool right? He told me that their is no other honor as big as knowing that God trusts in me enough to let me train 7 times. :)
Well my friends, until next week. Remember that I love you and pray for you and hope that you always choose the right. Have a great week, pray, listen to the spirit and laugh everyday. And THANK YOU GRANDMA FOR THE DEARELDERS! Whatta trooper. My Grma has got you all beat. 2 years later and the dearelders are still coming through strong, stud status. Give her a wink for me if you see her and tell her she's the best. Because she is. ha! Love you Grma! and love you reader!
Elder Yattttes

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