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Friday, May 17, 2013

long time no talk!

So I got to talk to my Mother on Sunday and it was glorious. promises. She is the best Mother in the whole world and everyone in the world should tell Happy Mothers day to first their own Mother and second to MY Mother! :D
So I have some breaking news. I am training again for my last change. This will make it my sixth time training. BUTTTT I also got word that I might be recieving 2 kids at the same time. TWINS! eeeeekkk! BUT that is just rumor. But I feel like it's a pretty concrete rumor becasue last night at 11 the APs called me and told me to go outside and help them move in another bed to our house and then promptly told me that I am going to be receiving 2 new missionaries. But like I said, it's pure speculation. ;) But pray for me please.

We still haven't been able to baptize Marisol. It was going great with her, but when we go to put a date with her to get bapitzed, she chickens out. Keep praying for her beucase we just love her so much and we want her so badly to be baptized. I know she will but I just hope it's soon.
So the weeks are going by so fast. I don't really have any cool or funny stories this week. Well, I have FUNNY stories but they are kinda gross becasue they all deal with drunk ctrazy people. I'll share those a little later on. Just remember kids, don't do drugs haha.
We will have to see where my companion gets sent tommorow. I'll let you know.  There are going to be a lot of changes I feel going on in the mission. I should have an interesting email for ya'll next week. So stay tuned for that please! Just know that I love you all and I am praying for you. Keep saying your prayers and enjoy vacations!! :D oh and laugh everyday.
Elder Yates
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