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Saturday, May 4, 2013

you (will) have a birthday‏

Everyone wish my good ol' Dad a Happy Birthday Please! He is a special man and deserves a special day. Happy Birthday Dad!
Well this week, Marisol did NOT get baptized. She drank coffee, blasted mcafé, anyway. So we are HOPING if EVERYTHING goes good to have her baptism this coming weekend. We are also planning the baptism of a little girl named Ingrid. Her father got bapitzed about a month ago and she has seen a huge difference in him because he gave up drinking and smoking and she has been really suprised and happy with his change. So be praying for them please. Elder Orrillo and I have been working like bumble bees around here and we need some prayer magic. :D
Interviews with President Brough were great. It was my last one :( and I thought it was going to be pep talk for my last 2 months but it was more of a how have you changed on your mission type of interview. It really made me look back and see how I was before my mission and I am now. I am still the same Mason Yates. But all my weak attributes that I had before my mission are a lot stronger now. I am the same person, just the traits I have are better than before. I have seeen the change and President Brough has also seen the change. He told me that he was very very proud of me. I felt good :) haha. He has been the best Mission President in the world. I know I came to this mission mainly for him. Because besides my parents, he has helped me become the person I am today more than any other person. He is great and I greatly appreciate him and his family.
Nothing TOO exciting is happening here. Getting ready for changes in 2 weeks. This change has gone by SOOOOOO fast. I promise and the next one is going to go by even faster and then where will I be? :)
Sorry my letters are boring, maybe I am just getting lazy at writing. oh well. :) See you soon, laugh everyday and read your scriptures. I LOVE YOU!!!
 Elder Yates

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